Security Guard Services

Agiforce Security’s employees have the mission of deterring, detecting, observing and reporting any suspicious activities. Security guards complete daily activity reports and incident reports to communicate observations back to their main facility. Security guard service can be catered to a variety of different client’s needs.

Construction Sites

When you hire Agiforce Security to patrol your site, you get much more than just a guard to watch over your tools. Guards will ensure that key equipment, such as heaters and water pumps, are operating safely and effectively. Guards will search for and remove any potential fire hazards. Guards will prevent water leaks and other problems from becoming costly emergencies. Guards will deter would-be trespassers, vagrants, thieves and vandals from accessing your site. Agiforce Security will place prominent signs warning troublemakers that your site is patrolled.

Commercial & Strata Property

All suspicious persons are questioned or asked to leave the building and/or the proper authorities will be notified. Building entrance doors are checked to ensure that they are properly locked at the designated times.

Multifamily Residential Property

Entrance doors to owners/tenants area are opened and locked when required. Unauthorized persons are denied access to the building areas. Entrance doors are double-checked when required and at the end of a shift. Any keys are returned to proper personnel (supervisor) at the end of a shift. Parking is patrolled to make sure there no break into vehicles or storage lockers.

Retail Stores

While working in retail stores, Agiforce guards act as a visual deterrent to shoplifters, vandalism to client property, keeping customers safe & discouraging theft. They may work with Loss Prevention Officers on duty. Agiforce Security can also arrange to have our guards to patrol your parking facilities, to remove vagrants, panhandlers and illegal parking in fire lanes.

Office Buildings

Agiforce Security can also arrange to have our guards monitor your company’s office building, parking facilities, discouraging theft, vandalism and illegal parking. Potentially hazardous situations will be diffused by removing combustibles from sources of heat and shutting off coffee machines, stoves, fans, etc

Fire, Flood & Restoration

Agiforce Security guards are uniformed and act to protect property by maintaining a highly visible presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions. Through observations (both directly through patrols and indirectly through watching) for signs of crime, Agiforce guard can eliminate any threat posed. Guards report any incidents to their client and emergency services as required. We also report on a log sheet, of whoever enters the site. Clients can look at this logbook to determine the activity on the site. All of our guards are trained for fire and restoration site duties.

Access Control

In physical security, the term access control refers to the practice of restricting physical access. Physical access control is a matter of who, where and when. Agiforce guard posted at access control all aspects of individuals entering and exiting a site.

GPS Verified Guard Tracking & Time Stamps   

This tracking system confirms the location of the guard on site, time of arrival, time of departure and work performed.

Bar/QR Code Scanning in real time

Agiforce Security can set up Bar Code at your site. Once security office scan those bar codes it collects following data in Real Time: site address, barcode location, patrol inspection details, signatures, photographs (if vandalism) and Most important GPS location.